Integration of an existing local database or an existing data backup

Katherine Sadowski

Katherine Sadowski

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If you are currently connected to a database, you must first disconnect. Start PaperOffice and click "Options" in your login window.
Select the entry "Continue and manage database connection".
Now click on "Disconnect the database connection". The connection is now disconnected.

To connect to an existing PaperOffice database or to an existing backup, go to your PaperOffice login window and click Continue. This window appears:

Select "Start database manager" if you have already installed the PaperOffice 2019 database, backed up it and now want to read it in.

For those who want to get started right away and install the database on drive "C", we recommend the Express setup.

In the next step, select "Local database" and click on the corresponding icon:

Then select "Use existing database or restore from backup". In the next step in the left section "Default" click in the first field and select the path to the existing database. Confirm your entry by clicking on "Check information, save and continue".

In the next step, select the MasterKeys for the database you just selected and click "Check and continue." The MasterKeys will be validated in the next step and you will be connected to your database.

The connection to your database proves to be successful if the message "Connection successfully established" appears in the upper right window.

This completes the connection to your existing database.

Database recovery

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